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Own Your Own Income-Producing Town - Thursday, April 5, 2012
The Buford, Wyoming auction represents a unique opportunity to acquire an entire town, along with the Buford Trading post, an income-producing convenience and fuel store. Included in the auction are 10+/- acres of land, five buildings, United States Post Office P.O Box, liquor license, inventory, furnishing, tools, plow and 3 vehicles. There is also a Union Wireless cellular tower with lease, and parking area previously used by an overnight shipping company for night time trailer switches.

The property will auction in two parcels. Parcel #1 is 1.8+/- acres and includes the Buford Trading Post building, fuel post and office building. Parcel #2 is 8.2+/- acres and includes the modular home, tool shed, garage and cell tower.

Online bidders compete in real time against on-site bidders for properties auctioned by Williams & Williams. Contact Williams & Williams customer service (800.801.8003) if you need assistance or have questions.

To bid on the Buford, WY Trading Post through Auction Network, a bid deposit of $50,000 is required by 12PM CDT on Wednesday, April 4, 2012. Please call Drew Ary at 918.362.7312 for wiring instructions.

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