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Thursday, Jul 12, 2012: 9:00pm EDT
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were two of the most popular cowboy/cowgirl entertainers of their generation, hosting hit radio and television shows from the 1940s through the early '60s. The duo captured the hearts of a nation - young and old alike - with an American-frontier themed show where they consistently triumphed over the likes of outlaws, cattle rustlers and thieves.

One of the lasting achievements of their careers is the marketing empire built around their names and likenesses, instantly bestowing value on a range of products that became treasures by virtue of association with the famous husband and wife. The appeal of Rogers and Evans gave rise to one of the most successful celebrity branding efforts in the history of modern marketing. Today, literally hundreds of products - from full-blown restaurants to items such as lunch pails and cap guns - carry the nostalgic branding that is iconic to American and foreign collectors.

The horse ranch where Rogers and Evans staked their claim from 1965 to 1998 is still filled with collectible possessions and memorabilia. Known as the "Roy Rogers Double R Bar Ranch," it contains artwork, Roy Rogers' collectible toys and radios, furniture and Double R Bar Ranch branded items. Many of the collectibles were purchased from the former Roy Rogers museum in Branson, or donated by the Happy Trails Children Museum and Rogers family members. The owner has worked steadily over the years to add to the collection to keep the legacy alive.

The ranch was used primarily as a horse training and breeding facility by Rogers. He worked on it every day and built the barn that is now the barn theater. Many of the tools he used are still hanging on the walls. The current owners acquired the property in 2002 and set out to restore the 67-acre estate. The ranch was open to the public for the first time in 2002 as a destination for fans to come and enjoy the historical experience of the Double R Bar Ranch. Guests could watch old movies, enjoy the horses or simply relive their childhood memories of "the King of Cowboys" and the "Queen of the West." Today, the landmark ranch is still very much as it was when Rogers and Evans owned it. It's suitable to operate as an equestrian training facility, as well as a unique Americana attraction located just off the historic "Mother Road" Route 66. The list of memorabilia and collectibles selling separately from the ranch is numerous, but any collector or fan will find a wide selection of items they may choose to call their own.

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